Tips for Dealing With Custom Home Builders in Fort Wayne

by | May 26, 2016 | Home Builders

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Buying a newly built home is different than buying a previously-owned model. Because there’s no other homeowner, one does not have to contend with a seller’s emotional attachments during the negotiation process. Whether a buyer designs and builds a custom home or chooses one in a subdivision, Custom Home Builders Fort Wayne are the only ones working with the customer. Those considering buying a new-construction home should follow the below steps to simplify the process.

Consider the Benefits and Drawbacks

There’s nothing like being the first person to live in a home, as everything is pristine and untouched. One can buy a new home in three ways: choosing one that’s built already, having one built in a development after choosing from a list of options, or having one custom built. However, home buyers should evaluate their situation before determining if new construction fits their lifestyle.

Learn About the Builder and the Neighborhood

When one buys a home in a new development, they should consider working with an agent who is familiar with the area. These agents can set up tours and help the buyer through the closing process. When a homebuyer researches agents, they should remember that:

• The listing agent works only for the builder

• Agents dealings with new developments are tightly regulated

When a buyer researches neighborhoods, they should start by looking for listings online. Following that, a drive or walk around the community is a good chance to check out home quality and amenities, and it allows the buyer to ask other homeowners about their experiences.

Know What’s Included

Homebuyers should ask Lancia Homes about upgrades and amenities and learn the differences between those terms. While amenities are things that benefit the entire neighborhood, upgrades are cost-added features that enhance the home. When deciding on a builder or a home, one should find out what’s included in the base price.

Seal the Deal

Custom Home Builders Fort Wayne often work with outside lenders, but they may have an in-house lender. New buyers can use those lenders or they can secure financing themselves. Ask the real estate agent for information on first-time buyer funding programs and compare terms, rates, points, and fees before making a decision. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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