Considerations When Searching for Apartment Near MSU Campus for the First Time

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Student Housing Center

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When beginning the search for Rental Homes in Starkville, someone who has never rented an apartment before should keep certain considerations in mind. It’s easy to be captivated by a place that looks lovely and offers privacy, but many aspects might decrease satisfaction with the apartment even if they don’t seem important now. This is especially important to keep in mind if the person hopes to avoid moving for a year or longer.

For example, some Apartments Near MSU Campus include a stove and refrigerator, while others do not. When someone falls in love with an apartment that doesn’t have appliances, it can be very tempting to rent it anyway. This person might decide that buying a dorm-size refrigerator and using a microwave for now will be OK. Perhaps a toaster oven could be added a well. Unless this individual plans to eat out a lot or relies on takeout much of the time, this situation will quickly become tiresome. The renter will wind up having to spend money on appliances and may wish he or she would have kept searching for a different apartment.

Many renters want washer-dryer hookups in the apartment even if they don’t currently have those appliances. They may expect to buy some in the future so they can avoid going to a laundry facility. At the very least, they are likely to prefer an apartment complex that has laundry equipment somewhere on site that the tenants can use. This is something a brand new prospective renter should think about if considering an apartment without these features.

Living without air conditioning in the heat of an Iowa summer can be bothersome. If the apartment doesn’t have central air or a room air conditioner, the person should learn whether having a room air conditioner placed in one of the windows would be acceptable. The window placement should be kept in mind when looking at rental properties. For example, a place with a large number of big windows along the west wall is probably going to be hot in the summer, making air conditioner even more desirable.

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