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How to Bring Your Furry Friend with You When Moving Away for College

You have had your pet since they were a pup, and you absolutely cannot leave them behind when moving to Arkansas to be a college student. You are now
Student Housing Center

Asking The Right Questions When It Comes to Finding Student Housing

Dorm rooms are great, but they aren’t for everybody. Sooner or later, every student wants to head out on their own and find some nice off-campus housing. In the
Student Housing Center

Housing Amenities That Will Make Your College Experience More Enjoyable

Although you go to college primarily to further your education, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself while you’re there. That’s why the amenities in the student
Student Housing Center

Living Off-Campus: Things to Consider Before Choosing a Home

When college students look for student apartments in Charlotte, NC, they may focus on fun or niceties. They may see if the apartment complex offers a jacuzzi, but there
Student Housing Center

Affordable, Stylish Apartments Available in the New Brunswick Area

These New Brunswick area apartments are located in a student-oriented community, meaning that students both newly enrolled in Rutgers University and those who have attended for quite some time
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Selecting the Right Off-Campus Housing at JMU in Harrisonburg, VA

Off-Campus Housing at JMU Were you searching for great off-campus housing at JMU, or were you planning on toughing it out in the dorms? Sleeping in a room with
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Living On-Campus Versus Off-Campus Student Housing in Mount Pleasant, MI

So, you’ve received an admission letter to join Central Michigan University (CMU). You deserve congratulations! But as you prepare to start your student life, you’ll be thinking of where
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Continuing to Reside in BGSU Off-Campus Housing After Graduation

Some college students love the lifestyle at Bowling Green State University so much that they never want to leave. One of the advantages of living in BGSU off-campus housing
Student Housing Center

What are the Provisions to Expect in The ECU Off-Campus Apartments?

ECU Off-Campus Apartments offers a selection of modern amenities to make the stay as comfortable as possible. They are made to provide the best quality and comfort for the
Student Housing Center

Why You Should Choose Newly Renovated Student Housing in Mount Pleasant

If you’re looking for student housing in Mount Pleasant, you might have a list of different things that you’re looking for. In addition to what you might already be

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