Amenities Available In Midtown NYC Luxury Condos For Sale

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Real Estate

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Midtown NYC luxury condos for sale have risen dramatically in popularity over the past few years. Living in a luxury apartment has become the goal for many young professionals within NYC, and with the amazing perks of such a lifestyle, who can blame them? While most high-rises offer a few perks here and there, none can come close to those offered by midtown NYC luxury condos for sale. Here are just a few of the amazing amenities available in midtown NYC luxury condos for sale, and some reasons why they are essential to the midtown NYC lifestyle.

On Site Restaurants/Bars

Being able to access amazing food in a quick and timely manner is a wonder anywhere within New York City. Midtown alone is known for wait times at its finest eateries. When looking for midtown NYC luxury condos for sale, keep in mind that many reputable buildings have fine and casual dining services located directly on site. These dining services aren’t you standard room service fare either, but delicious meals prepared by expert chefs who adhere to strict standards of dining. There are often one or more lounge areas around as well, giving residence an opportunity to entertain guests outside of their homes but still on site, in order to provide maximum convince and comfort.

Recreation And Leisure

Many midtown NYC luxury condos for sale offer a ton of recreation and leisure amentias on site as well. In the best buildings, these include large indoor swimming pools, fitness centers and spas, which are quite often open long hours to accommodate the busy schedules of each resident. Pool areas also include steam rooms and Jacuzzi tubs, to allow for ultimate relaxation after a long day or a rough week.

Concierge And Service Staff

Many places have almost constant concierge and service staff, available to help you meet your every need. These individuals can help with finding a place to park, a place to eat, and even the perfect place to wander about regardless of time of day. The concierge and service staff are often locals, and are exceptionally familiar with the area, giving you a greater opportunity to see the sights without any of the hassle.


When anyone moves anywhere, there are always a few boxes of things that simply do not yet have a home. In some cases they are season apparel, and in others they are belongings that do not yet have a place to go in your new home. Most midtown NYC luxury condos for sale will offer a storage unit, or storage facilities, which will allow you to store your Christmas tree, wedding dress, or other sentimental and valuable items that do not have a place on display in your home year round.

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