You’ll Enjoy College More in an Auburn Apartment Than You Will in a Dorm

If you think that living in a dormitory on campus is the way to get through your college years, you’ll be sorely disappointed. In fact, virtually anyone who is an alumnus will tell you that student housing at Auburn is definitely the way to go.

More Space

One of the biggest reasons that college students prefer to live in off-campus housing while they attend college is that there is significantly more space. When you want to spread out or even just have a bit of privacy, you certainly aren’t going to get it if you live in a dorm room. Student apartments are notoriously roomy and give you a place to just get away from things if you need to do so.

Save Money On Food

Believe it or not, those meal plans that you purchase aren’t actually a great deal. Sure, you don’t have to cook your own food, but the food has a premium price attached to it, and face it, cafeteria food gets redundant after a while. When you live in your own apartment, you can cook your own meals any way you like, as well as do your own grocery shopping. This is great for people who have food allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Save Money On Rent

When you live in student housing in Auburn, you will most likely have a roommate. This is a bonus because you have someone to split the bills with. This cannot be done when you live in a dorm because all charges are solely per person.

If you are interested in living in a student apartment, please contact The Magnolia at Auburn at

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