Why Off-Campus Housing Is the Best Option for Students in Michigan

As it turns out, living on campus isn’t the only way to enjoy the full college experience. Here are why so many students swear by off-campus housing.

It Is the More Budget-Friendly Option

Dorms carry an expense that a lot of students simply can’t afford. Campuses spare no mercy when charging for room, board, and a bunch of other miscellaneous fees for services that you will probably never even use. However, with Western Michigan University off campus housing, you are only in charge of your rent, which tends to be a lot cheaper than the alternative. With more cash to spare, your college experience will be more worthwhile.

It Provides More Space and Privacy

Dorm rooms are cramped, so you will probably have to downsize before moving in. And not to mention, your new pad is likely to be shared with a roommate and all of their belongings. When opting for Western Michigan University off-campus housing, you will not only have your own room with various storage areas, but you will also be granted the privacy that is nearly impossible to get on campus.

There Are Fewer Rules to Worry About

There are so many rules to follow on campus, and if you fail to adhere to them, you are in for some heavy consequences. Apartment complexes aren’t nearly as strict and won’t bother you as long as you don’t violate the terms of your lease.

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