Why Living in an NC Off-Campus Apartment is the Best Decision You’ll Make

While going off to college, one of the decisions that you’ll have to make is where you are going to live while you are attending. Unless you grew up near the campus, the choices are pretty much reduced to either living in a dormitory on campus or living in a student apartment off-campus. While you might automatically think that dorms are the best option, there are actually many benefits to living in WCU off-campus housing.

It Can Save Money

You read that right; living in your own student apartment can actually save you money. While this does require a bit of research to be performed on your part, it is still one of the smartest decisions to make based on the money that you’ll save alone.

More Living Space

College dorm rooms are notoriously small, so small that the space can often be prohibitive to actually get anything done in conjunction with your studies. However, when you live in your own apartment, there is more than enough space to stretch out and study or do anything else that you need to get done. If you live with a roommate and want some “alone time,” you can simply retire to your bedroom.

Gain Life Experience

When you live in a dorm room, you have basically zero chance of gaining any real-world experience, such as learning how to pay bills on time or how to efficiently go grocery shopping. These are all skills that you will learn how to do when you live in WCU off-campus housing.

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