Perks and Amenities to Note When Purdue Apartment Shopping in Lafayette

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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If you are searching for apartments near Purdue West in Lafayette, IN, you may want to look for a complex that mixes social activities with study space. When an environment is balanced, students can often get more work done and enjoy the company of others.


Studying will be necessary, but so will fitness. Some apartments near Purdue West in Lafayette, IN have a gym, pool, and volleyball courts. The facilities are often part of the rental agreement, so you do not have to join a fitness center.


To save money, look for lodging that comes with Wi-Fi. Other systems to note are the security components and management. Inside the apartment, each bedroom should have its own security lock. Management should monitor the main entries. It is helpful if there is a live-in property manager, so if something breaks, they are easy to get a hold of.


Some extra amenities you can look for are transportation and parking. There should be plenty of free parking, and a shuttle service is almost a must-have if you do not have a car. A business center makes it easy to fax paperwork and make copies.


You will find many bedroom setups, and if you are going to be sharing the space, find an apartment with private bathrooms attached to each bedroom. This arrangement reduces your rent and gives you privacy. Make a note of the laundry facilities. In-room machines save you time and money. To make a move more manageable, look for fully furnished kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. For more information on apartments near Purdue West in Lafayette, IN, contact Lark West Lafayette today.

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