Moving into UNCG Off-Campus Housing in Greensboro for More Freedom

When you live in a dormitory while attending university, you may never really feel like you are an independent student. After all, you typically must share a room with someone you barely know. You also have to abide by curfews and quiet hours.

In many ways, it can still feel like you are living under someone else’s control and rules. When you want to live truly as an independent student, you may find it better to move into the UNCG off-campus housing this school year.

Ample Freedom

When you move into your own apartment this school year, you get the freedom that eludes you in the dorms on campus. You have the leeway to come and go as you please throughout the day. There is no resident advisor with whom you must check in and no roommate who shares the same bedroom space as you.

You also have more freedom to decorate and live in your apartment as you see fit. You can enjoy your own living room for watching TV or relaxing. You also avoid having to share your bathroom with other people who may not respect your privacy or space.

Living in the UNCG off-campus housing can also teach you how to be an independent adult and pay your rent and other bills on time. You can find out more about these units and what they offer online. Contact The Reserve Greensboro by going to

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