Live Like an Adult While Going to College in Colorado Springs

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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The most restrictive way of living while going to college is living in a dorm. There are quiet hours, rules about showers, rules about loud music, rules about guests and visitors, and curfews that lock you out of the dorm. If you plan on attending UCCS in Colorado Springs this coming fall, you can avoid living like a kid in a giant house with other “kids.” UCCS off-campus housing has several apartment options that allow you to live like an adult while attending college here.

You May Have to Cover Part of the Rent

Part of adulthood responsibilities is providing a roof over your head and paying for that roof. While some of your financial aid will pay for UCCS off-campus housing, there may be leftover rent expenses not covered by financial aid. If that is the case, you will need to figure out how you intend to cover those costs. This teaches you some valuable life skills while you earn a degree.

Life with a Roommate (or Roommates, Plural)

There are multiple floor plans available for your off-campus apartment. In almost every case, you will be expected to share an apartment with at least one roommate. This improves your social skills as you navigate the adult experience of sharing space with another human being that isn’t family. (Although you can attend UCCS with a sibling and share an apartment if you so desire.) For more information on how to secure your apartment before you begin classes at UCCS, contact The Lodges of Colorado Springs at

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