Find Your Happy Place at Student Apartments in the Center of Austin

by | May 22, 2020 | Apartment Building

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You don’t have to cram all your belongings into a small dorm room with a stranger to get the full college experience. In fact, UT West Campus apartments are some of the most luxurious student housing options you’ll find anywhere in the city. You’ll have access to amenities that will help you relax and unwind after a long day of studies, and there are also several unique features in the building that will allow you the time needed to recuperate and build lasting relationships with fellow students.

Fly Solo or Run with the Pack

Some students are far more social than others, and some just want to be able to live in their own private space without sacrificing any of the off-campus college experience. The floorplans available at these UT West Campus apartments include small studio apartments, one-bedroom units, and other floorplan options that allow you to select one, two, or three roommates.

Never Get Stuck with the Bill

Don’t worry about your roommates leaving you with an extra rent bill every month because every resident is solely responsible for their own rent and utility bills. This means you’ll never have to keep track of what your roommates are spending because you’ll only have a set cost to consider every month. If something should happen with the finances of another housemate, you won’t be negatively affected in any way.

Contact Lark Austin to learn more about the UT West Campus apartments and the many unique amenities available to student residents.

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