Factors to Consider When Moving to a New Apartment With a Pet

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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The time has come for you to move out of your parent’s home and make the transition to university life. There are several things that are going to change for you. However, you may be hoping to keep a few things constant. This might include bringing your childhood pet with you.

Before you make the move to University of Wyoming off-campus housing, consider their pet policy. The last you want to do is inadvertently violate your lease or find yourself needing to get rid of your favorite pet because you were not clear on the landlord’s pet policy.

One thing to consider is whether there is an additional deposit for pets. Some University of Wyoming off-campus housing may allow pets, but they might have a limit on the weight of the pet, the breed of the animal, or its size. There are some locations that have no problem with cats, but dogs are not allowed. All of these are things to consider before making the decision to move to a new location with your pet.

There may also be some additional charges when you move out. Regardless of how well you may care for your pet, animals damage things. They may stain the carpet, damage the walls, or cause other issues that need to be corrected. Knowing this in advance will allow you to factor in the cost of having a pet in your new home.

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