Explore the Benefits of Living Off the College Campus in San Antonio

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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An important decision that you’re going to need to make when it comes to your college education is where you’re going to live. While many students find that living in a dorm is beneficial, there are several benefits to consider about off-campus housing.

Money in Your Wallet

While living in a dorm is often included in your tuition, you could find UTSA off-campus housing that’s less expensive. You can also use financial aid to pay for this type of housing at most schools. The money that you save on your rent each month can be used to pay for transportation costs, utilities, and groceries.

Living as You Want

A benefit of UTSA off-campus housing is that you won’t need to abide by the rules that are set forth by the advisors. You can have people over when you want, stay up late, and feel as though you’ve entered the adult world compared to possibly feeling as though you’re being monitored all the time while living in a dorm.


Although there are a few amenities that you might find while living on a college campus, off-campus housing tends to offer a few more that can make life a little easier. You have access to shopping centers and grocery stores. If you live in an apartment, then you could have access to a pool or a fitness room. You’ll have a kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals instead of going to a cafeteria or using a microwave, along with more space to spread out during the day.

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