DePaul University Allows Young Freshmen to Reside in Off-Campus Housing

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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Prospective college students have varied reasons for applying to certain schools. They focus on academics, of course, but they may want to attend a university associated with a particular religious organization or located in a specific city. That’s the case with some students who have enrolled at DePaul University in Chicago. DePaul University off campus housing is available for those who would rather not live in a residence hall or campus apartment.

Choosing DePaul University

Men and women apply to this school because of its stellar academic reputation, of course. In addition, people of the Catholic faith may prefer to attend a university connected with that religion. Many individuals find the urban setting compelling. Museums, the conservatory, the zoo and other features of the neighborhood make it extraordinarily attractive. They also know they will be happy living so close to Lincoln Park and Lake Michigan.

The Option to Reside Off Campus

This school is a bit unusual in that it does not require freshmen under a certain age to live on campus if they are not residing with family. The option for teenage freshmen to live in DePaul University off campus housing may be most appealing to individuals who are from the Chicago area. They may already be very familiar with the Lincoln Park neighborhood and feel right at home there. These young men and women also are likely to have parents and other family members nearby who can help when questions or difficulties arise.

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