Continuing to Reside in BGSU Off-Campus Housing After Graduation

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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Some college students love the lifestyle at Bowling Green State University so much that they never want to leave. One of the advantages of living in BGSU off-campus housing is not being required to move out after graduation. Even in apartment communities specifically geared toward college students, owners and managers don’t expect residents to move out just because they’ve graduated.

It Feels Like Home

Men and women who have found a job in Bowling Green may prefer to continue living in an apartment that already feels like home. Some may have no problem with commuting to a workplace in the Toledo metropolitan area, located northeast of Bowling Green.

Enjoying the Familiarity

They are entirely comfortable in their BGSU off-campus housing and appreciate the opportunity to live there after graduating. These individuals might take a night class and attend university events like theater plays and athletic games. They can continue frequenting their favorite stores, pubs, and cafes.

Maintaining Friendships

Another factor involves remaining with a group of friends who still live in the complex or nearby. Many are still in school, and others will start a graduate program in the fall semester.

For the person beginning full-time work in a new career, it obviously won’t be the same as being on campus much of the time. Yet maintaining a sense of camaraderie with these friends is appealing. That will gradually change as more of them graduate, move away, and start families. Nevertheless, for at least another year or two, staying put is the right choice.

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