Consider These Details When Signing a Lease for Your First Apartment

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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If you are looking for your first apartment and feel unsure about what to know when signing a lease, here are a few tips to help. Be sure to thoroughly examine the apartment and look for pre-existing damage before signing on the dotted line. You do not want to be charged for these damages when you move out.

Before signing a lease for University of Wisconsin Madison apartments, find out who is responsible for services that are provided to tenants. For example, ask if utilities are included in the rent. Find out who pays for pest control, lawn maintenance, and snow removal. If repairs are needed in the future, find out if you will be responsible for paying them. In some cases, a dollar threshold often exists over which the landlord will pay for repairs.

Something else to consider when signing a lease for University of Wisconsin Madison apartments is parking. In some areas, space is tight. You may not be entitled to a parking space close to your apartment. Tenants only have access to street parking. Find out the details on parking, especially when living in an area that receives a lot of snow.

Ask how the lease can be terminated. Find out how many month’s notice needs to be provided if automatic reductions will be taken out of the security deposit, and about cleaning requirements.

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