Asking The Right Questions When It Comes to Finding Student Housing

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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Dorm rooms are great, but they aren’t for everybody. Sooner or later, every student wants to head out on their own and find some nice off-campus housing. In the case of Student Housing at Clemson University, that means knowing what you want. It’s important to answer some basic questions to ensure the place you want to live at is right for you.

Finding Perfect Housing Easy

Figuring out whether you want to live with roommates, the style of housing, and the location of it are all questions that you should answer. A full-size apartment isn’t going to offer the same feel as a full-sized apartment, and it’s important to know the difference. Likewise, its location is just as important. A rural apartment will offer a completely different way of living than finding a place in the center of town. There is also the question of roommates.

Living by yourself seems like a dream to many. However, finding a roommate or two can provide a host of benefits. Being able to split the rent, for example, can allow you to rent a more expensive apartment in a better location. You’ll need to find the right roommates, but the search is well worth the effort.

A Convenient Off-Campus Experience

When it comes to Student Housing at Clemson University, Cottages of Clemson has made this its goal to provide students with a wide variety of homes that are just minutes away from campus life. For more information, check out their site at

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