A Few Electrical Safety Tips to Help Keep Your Student Apartment Safe

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Student Housing Center

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If you’re moving into a student apartment in Baton Rouge, then you’ll want to have a basic understanding of home electrical safety before you get there. It’ll help prevent potentially dangerous problems from developing and will keep your apartment running smoothly. Read on for a few safety essentials.

Extension Cords

Not all extension cords are created equal. If you notice, they come in different thicknesses. The rule is, the thicker the cord, the more electricity it can take. Each cord will have a label indicating how many amps and watts it can safely handle. If your connected devices exceed this number, then you’re at serious risk of starting an electrical fire. High-electricity-draw appliances, such as space heaters, microwaves, and toasters, should never be plugged into residential extension cords.

Light Sockets

It’s pretty common to leave light sockets without bulbs. However, doing so can be dangerous because of the live current running into the outlet. This especially holds true for lamps, which are closer to the ground than ceiling lights. Also, make sure to always use bulbs that don’t exceed the wattage limits of the light fixture. Exceeding these limits could lead to a fire.

Safe Appliances

Just because you can plug it in, doesn’t mean it’s safe to use indoors or at all. Make sure the appliances and tools you use are designed for indoor use and are approved for use in apartments in Baton Rouge for college students. Also, always use appliances and tools in the way in which they were originally intended.

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