Three Reasons to Hire a Company That Buys Houses in Portland

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Real Estate

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Anywhere from 20% to 25% of all home purchases are consummated with cash sales, according to top real estate companies. While some of these folks are wealthy, a large number of them are companies that pay cash for houses; then, fix them up and sell them at higher profits. Anyone who wants to work will this type of outfit will enjoy many key benefits. Following are just a few of them.

Gets House Off Market Quickly

Established companies that buy houses in Portland and pay cash for them can complete these purchases in one to three weeks. This type of establishment will need some time to contact its attorney and get the necessary forms prepared for the closing. As an added courtesy, the buying company will usually allow the seller to choose the closing date.

Fewer Hassles

Unlike in traditional real estate deals, companies that buy houses in Portland will not expect sellers to keep their properties immaculate, make minor repairs on doorknobs and drywall or spend lots of money on lawncare. This relieves people’s stress levels and gives home sellers more time to do the things they enjoy.

Great Track Record

Highly successful companies that buy houses in Portland will often have excellent track records. This means they’ve bailed many people out of tough situations and adequately compensated them for their properties.

Most reputable Portland companies that buy houses will pay all closing costs. This can save the home seller thousands of dollars at the closing.

PDX Renovations LLC has a highly experienced team of professionals that can help anyone out of a challenging homeowner situation, and people can reach the company at 503-560-6620 or visit our website.

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