Premium Off-Campus Apartments for Qualifying University Students

Living Near the University of Texas at Austin

When attending the University of Texas at Austin, you will be surrounded by historic and modern attractions in the capital city of TX. The west campus apartments in Austin are readily available for rent during the academic year. You could apply for a rental unit several months before the semester begins at this major university. You should provide enough evidence of your academic status at this institution of higher learning. If you’re an incoming freshman, you should show proof of enrollment and other appropriate documentation. Some Texas west campus apartments in Austin, Texas, are also available exclusively for upperclassmen or graduate students. The property managers will carefully verify all paperwork and other documents relating to the enrollment status of tenants. Additionally, students in poor academic standing may be disqualified from the special rental rates at the off-campus complex.

Lavish Lifestyle for Students in the Capital of Texas

Modern west campus apartments in Austin, Texas, offer an array of high-end amenities for the enjoyment of local university students. For instance, the outdoor swimming pool is usually nested in the heart of the private off-campus community. Some palm trees and other plants will provide shade and privacy in the pool area. You could invite fellow students from the university for some swimming and other social events at the on-site pool. Beach volleyball, tennis courts, and hammocks provide other great recreational options for residents in the private subdivision.

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