Need to Sell Your House, get a Fast Cash Offer in Dayton

by | May 6, 2019 | Real Estate Agency

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If you are in a position where you have to sell your house fast, there are investors who buy houses in any condition and in any price range. Trying to sell your house quickly is not easy. When you attempt to sell it through a local realtor, the transaction can take months. If you try to sell it privately, you will still need costly legal assistance to close the deal. It is possible to sell your house quickly. One telephone call to an investor who will give you a fast cash offer in Dayton is all it takes.

Several months to sell their home may be acceptable to some people. However, not everyone has the luxury of time. There are homeowners who want, or need, to sell their home fast and for cash. In this situation, many people turn to property investors.

How Long Will It Take to Sell the House?

The process starts when you contact the investor, which you can do by telephone or through their interactive website. The investor will ask you to describe the house and the property. If your description meets with their criteria, you can expect a visit. The investor will give you a fair, no-obligation offer. The offer may not be as much as you might have expected if you sold the house through an agent. However, the offer is cash, and the transaction can close quickly.

What Kind of an Offer Can You Expect?

You will not get market price for the house when you sell to an investor. Although the offer is less, you will not have to pay realtor commissions, house repairs or expenses associated with the closing. The cash buyer takes complete responsibility for closing the sale. Within a week, you can expect to see the proceeds from the sale, in cash.

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