How to Find the Best Waterfront Real Estate in Estero, Florida

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Real Estate

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Waterfront properties some of the hottest pieces of real estate in Estero. People want the quintessential southwest Florida lifestyle that is fun in the sun. Potential buyers looking for waterfront properties should consider the following to find their perfect home.

High-rise versus Low-rise Lifestyle

Southwest Florida living offers buyers a plethora of waterfront options consisting of single-family homes and luxury high-rise condos. Each of these options has its pros and cons. Buyers need to decide what suits their lifestyle better.

High-rise condo living often offers maintenance-free living and expansive ocean views whereas single-family properties might have more spacious living quarters. Families that want a yard for the kids to play in often find single-family waterfront property a better fit for their lifestyle, while young singles and empty-nesters enjoy the high-rise life.

Consider the Amenities

Waterfront living means different things to each buyer. Some buyers want waterfront views and nothing more, but others want a boat dock and easy channel access. With so many waterfront properties available, it’s not hard to find the right fit for each buyer.

Work with a Real Estate Expert

Because there are so many properties available along Florida’s southwest coast, potential buyers need professional guidance. Working with a local real estate agent who handles waterfront property sales assures buyers of a smoother buying process. Real estate professionals know the best properties in the area and can negotiate the best deals.

Buyers interested in learning more about waterfront real estate in Estero should get in touch with the team at Greater SWFL Homes | Premiere Plus Realty and explore their available properties online at .

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