Hard Money Loans – What Are They and Who Needs Them?

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Real Estate

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In a housing market that has seen more than a few years of hard times recently, many Americans have heard the term “hard money loans” and wondered what this means. These asset-based loans – borrowed against the value of property or other collateral, rather than based on credit rating – are one way people are taking charge of their financial futures in a market where it is otherwise difficult.

Two Kinds of Loans

Commercial hard money loans are typically taken out of properties where people will be working or conducting some worth of business. Residential hard money loans are more geared toward properties that will serve as housing or private property. Both allow investors to acquire properties that will present an opportunity for improvement and resale at a profit. Both are also excellent bridges between the people who may have urgent needs to sell a home or business location and those who are seeking to acquire properties for profit.

How We Make This Work for You

USA Cash for Houses uses access to these kinds of loans and more to offer multiple services for those motivated to sell their homes, avoid foreclosure and keep other major events from negatively impacting their credit. We also offer opportunities for local investors to partner with us in securing properties that are ideal for flips/rehabs, turnkey wholesaling after post-tenant repairs are completed and more. For those interested in either side of the acquisition coin – selling a troublesome property or finding the diamond in the rough your tenants will one day adore – USA Cash for Houses is the single stop shop for all of your needs.

If you’re looking for more information about hard money loans and how they can lead you to the deal of your dreams, call our team at 214-912-5539. We’ll help you find the help you need, to get your finances and future back on track or begin investing in a new business venture. Contact us today!

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