Condos in New York City: Don’t Just Live…Experience Life

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Real Estate

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Most people think that the beauty of NYC is heightened when they live in a high-rise building. Condos in New York City allow you to rise above the hubbub that is below, which means you can look down at it or out away from it. You’ll experience breathtaking views, regardless of your unit’s position. However, you should note that you’ll get a better viewing experience if you live on a higher floor. In most cases, you can tour the unit first to make sure that everything meets your standards.

When you live at 35 Hudson Yards, you experience life instead of just living it. For most people, the thought of going home at the end of the day isn’t comforting. These people tend to live in tiny apartments, have no view, or have no amenities to look forward to after work. You won’t have that same feeling. Imagine being immediately be impressed when the skyscraper towers above you and exhilarate in the fact that you live in it. As such, you’ll have so many amenities available that you might never want to leave the building. Currently, you can experience such things as a golf simulation lounge, billiards lounge, libraries, children’s playroom, and much more. Of course, this location is always seeking to outdo itself. A 60,000-square-foot Equinox Club is being designed and built. When this happens, you’ll have access to a saltwater pool, spa, group fitness classes, and so much more.

If you’re considering a condominium in NYC, now is the perfect time. You can find options that suit your needs, such as two to five bedrooms, all with at least 2.5 baths and a view of something. Some units allow you to see the river while others focus on the skyline. Regardless of your desires, complete the enquiry form today to get started.

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