Attributes of Bayfront Housing for Military Personnel

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Real Estate

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Facilities used by the military should meet a certain level of standards, and that’s what lodging owners strive to provide through their units. If you are looking for bayfront housing for military personnel, you should know what to expect. What are the units offered, and what should you look out for?

Types of Units Available

In most cases, the units available take the following forms.

1-4 Bedroom Apartments

These feature 1-4 bedrooms, with separate individual sleeping rooms and private amenities like bathrooms and closets. However, the occupants would be expected to share the kitchen, living room, and laundry area.

2 Bedroom Apartments

These units house two tenants, and each is expected to have a private bedroom and individual closet space. However, they will likely share a bathroom, which sometimes may feature two lavatories and a common kitchenette.

1 Bedroom Unit

This type of bayfront housing for military personnel also houses two military members, so the bedroom has a double occupancy rate. The two are expected to share the sleeping and living areas, as well as the bathroom, while there are two private closets.

2 Bedroom Apartments (Double Occupancy)

In this case, there are four military personnel in the two-bedroom units, with two sharing a bedroom. These units often feature two separate living spaces and bedrooms, one shared bath, and four tiny closet spaces.

1 Large Unit

Some military personnel are on short deployments and don’t need elaborate units, only a temporary residence. This design is called an open bay and is the simplest of all units. It features one massive open space for various beds, which also serves as the living area, and an adjacent bathroom/toilet, usually with multiple showers.

Bayfront Housing for Military Personnel

Based on the nature of your deployment and several other factors, you can always find suitable bayfront housing for military personnel that fits your needs. Find your next housing accommodation today!

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