Apartments for Sale in Dallas, TX Appeal to Seniors, Young Couples and Singles

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Real Estate

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If you are interested in luxury apartments for sale in Dallas, TX, you are either a single, one of a couple or an empty-nester. For empty-nesters, buying a luxury apartment in a high-rise is considered a buy-down option, especially among the affluent. According to research, most home-dwellers expect to pay about 20% less than their home’s current value while a far smaller number anticipate on paying more than the value of their home for a luxury apartment.

Lifestyle Benefits

With these kinds of results, developers and realtors need to highlight the lifestyle benefits of living in a high-rise. Not only does this type of dwelling provide an advantage with respect to location, but it also offers the new buyer a more healthful environment as it reduces reliance on an automobile. The current demand for high-end apartments for sales in Dallas, TX as well as such cities as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles numbers in the thousands.

The market for luxury apartments in these cities, especially Dallas, is both finite and meaningful. Significant numbers of householders, especially empty-nesters, are interested in a housing change that underscores high-rise living.

With that being said, the market expectations for anyone interested in apartments for sale in Dallas, TX and other major U.S. cities is fairly traditional. Research shows that people looking at these kinds of apartments expect larger units with plenty in the way of amenities. However, smaller units that are well-designed and follow the trend of space-saving are also of interest.

Therefore, if you are interested in buying an apartment in such a city like Dallas and are seeking luxury accommodations, statistics suggest that you are seeking a home that is not only spacious but features updates as well. Of course, location highly factors into the whole equation. Luxury apartment buyers want to be near retail stores and fine dining restaurants as well as be rewarded with panoramic views. People who choose luxury high-rise living also insist on convenient parking and access to a pool.

A Preferred Model of Living

Currently, both the young and young at heart are seeking luxury housing in the city in the form of high-rise living in a luxury apartment and condo homes. The affluent in such cities as Dallas appreciate penthouse living too. Again, the high-rise, is “high” on the list of preferences of singles, young couples and seniors in the real estate market today.

Knowing what demographic makes up this market can help you decide what type of housing to short-list when purchasing a home in a major metropolitan area. If you want to be close to conveniences and enjoy the amenities associated with apartment or condo living, then making a purchase in the current real estate market may be a good move for you.

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