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Selling your home may cost more than you think. Instead of getting surprised with fees and add-on charges, choose our 1 percent commission realtor. We offer this affordable service so that you know exactly what to expect when it comes time to settle the transaction. We collect 1 percent of the sale price of your home as our fee. This is one-half to one-third the typical commission of a real estate agent.

Just because we charge less, it doesn’t mean that we sacrifice on the level or quality of service that we are able to provide you. Our flat fee is streamlined in the same way that our services are. We are more efficient than most real estate agencies, which is what allows us to charge a flat rate of 1 percent on the sale price of your house. We have an in-house team that does the photography, website listings and promotion of your home. We also coordinate the open house and showings. When possible, we send you a text as soon as we know about a showing time. This gives you advance knowledge of the situation.

Our real estate agents also give you great advice. By tidying your home, staging it and creating great curb appeal, you will get more offers. We give you these tips during our walk-through with you.

When you are in search of a 1 percent commission realtor, contact us. We look forward to meeting with you and checking out all of the features of your property. For more information, give us a call today. We can explain how our fee works and what is included. You may also visit us online for additional details about us and our flat rate fees for real estate sales services.

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