3 Tips to Help You Find the Right Apartment in Scottsdale

When you’re hunting for apartments for rent in Scottsdale, AZ, you should have a few ideas about what you want in your new home. While that includes amenities that will make life more enjoyable, you should be thinking more in terms of the necessities upon which you’ll rely. Here are a few important features to watch for in your search.

Consider the Location

In looking at the location of an apartment, you’ll want more than just to live in a nice neighborhood. What if your access to personal transportation changes while you’re living in the apartment? You’ll want to make sure there’s a bus stop nearby or a common cross street that will ease your ability to take a cab. You should also look for grocery stores, schools, libraries, and other essentials. If you’re left walking, you’ll want easy access to these community resources.

Check Out the Neighborhood

The downfall of apartment hunting is that it’s almost always done during the day when kids are in school and many adults are at work. That means there are fewer people hanging around within the community. Before signing a lease, come back to the apartment’s neighborhood after dark. This will help you get a better grasp of criminal activity, noise levels, and other factors that might make you think twice about moving into that neighborhood.

Check Essentials Inside the Unit

You’ll want to be as thorough as possible in inspecting the inside of the rental units when you tour apartments for rent in Scottsdale, AZ. For instance, you should test the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector to ensure both are in good working condition. Also, kick on the HVAC unit and check the heat and AC. You shouldn’t hear any loud noises, such as banging or wheezing. Additionally, how quickly the treated air is pushed through the system will tell you if the unit has been properly maintained. Other items to check include the hot water, locks on the doors and windows, and the kitchen appliances.

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