3 Tips for New Students Who Are Finding and Renting an Apartment

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Student Housing Center

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If you’re a new college student, then chances are that you need to find an apartment – right now! You may have just finished your freshman year and are starting to think about what comes next. If this is the case, then here are some tips for you when it comes to finding and renting student apartments in Tallahassee.

Research the Local Apartments in Your Area

The first step in finding a great apartment is doing your research. This means looking at online listings, visiting apartments in person, and talking with friends who live there about their experiences.

Setup a Meeting by Calling Ahead and Asking for a Tour

The second step is scheduling appointments with landlords or property management companies so that you can visit different properties before making a decision on where best fits your needs. Go on a tour and view the property in person. Many student apartments offer amenities that you will also get to tour, such as a fitness center or pool.

Compare the Costs of Each Apartment

The third step is comparing the costs of each apartment. This includes looking at how much rent will be, what utilities are included in that price (or if they’re not), and whether or not there’s a security deposit required to move into an available unit.

Sign a Lease and Get Ready for Move-in Day

The fourth step is signing a lease and getting ready for move-in day. This includes filling out the necessary paperwork, making sure you have enough money to cover your first month’s rent plus security deposit (if required) and moving all of that stuff into an apartment! If you’re on the hunt for student apartments in Tallahassee, don’t miss Redpoint in West Tenn redpoint-wtenn.com

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