Why Every College Student in Austin Should Choose an Apartment Over a Dorm

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Apartment Building

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Gone are the days in which dorm living solidified the college experience. As it turns out, student apartments provide a more diverse way of living while still allowing renters to enjoy all that their campus has to offer. Here are a few benefits of going this route.

They Are Cash Savers

Dorm costs are usually through the roof. This is because they are a sum of the dorm cost as well as a bunch of other unnecessary miscellaneous expenses. West campus apartments in Austin, however, only require their tenants to keep up with the cost of their rent, allowing students to spend their money on the things that they actually find to be beneficial.

They Are Much More Spacious

Lack of space is a common complaint when living in a dorm. In fact, upon their arrival, students may end up having to downsize. Apartment units, however, are equipped with adequate space and storage compartments, allowing renters to have everything they need on hand.

They Promote Independent Living

College courses do a stellar job at preparing students for their career field, but they rarely focus on the other essential areas of life, leaving students a bit unprepared come graduation day. By renting west campus apartments in Austin, tenants will learn general life skills as they will be in charge of budgeting their money, paying their rent and utilities, cooking, cleaning, and navigating their lives on a larger scale.

Ion Austin delivers a lush experience for students who prefer to live comfortably and close to the UT campus as well as the nearby social spots.

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