Need Help? We Buy House in Hartford County

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Real Estate Agency

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If you have the time, listing your house with a local realtor will result in the best possible price. Although the price is what you want, or close to it, it may take several months for the transaction to be completed. If you cannot wait, for whatever reason, you may want to consider selling it to investors who say, “We buy houses in Hartford County.” The investors buy your house, and they buy it for cash. The period to close can be set to accommodate your needs but can be as quick as a week.

There are good reasons why people sell their homes for cash.

Sales Rarely Fail to Go Through

Negotiating back and forth with a potential buyer can be frustrating for everyone concerned. You can easily spend hours showing the house to potential buyers and responding to all their questions and concerns. It is hard work to reach the point where someone makes an acceptable offer for the house. After all this, the sale is still not guaranteed. The buyer can fail to get a mortgage. Just when you think all that is left is to complete the details, the buyer realizes their credit is not good enough to get a loan. At this stage, you are back to square one. Cash sales eliminate these types of problems. When a cash offer has been made, credit and loan obligations mean nothing. The buyer has money. Rarely would the sale fail to go through.


It can take a great deal of time to sell a house. It may be many weeks or months before you get an acceptable offer for your house. It can then take several more weeks to close the deal. When you sell a house for cash, the deal closes quickly. It can close in a matter of days, not weeks. A cash sale is quick and trouble free.

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