Here’s Why You Should Consider Off Campus Housing Next Semester

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Student Housing Center

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Before you decide to stay on campus next semester, it may be worthwhile to consider the advantages of University of Florida student housing. There are several factors that differentiate off campus housing from living in a dorm. By learning about these differences and seeing how they can be advantageous, you may reconsider the living situation you choose for your next semester.

Fewer Restrictions

When you live off campus, you won’t be subjected to the same rules that you’ll face in a dorm. This includes your ability to come and go without having to adhere to a curfew. You’ll also be able to entertain guests without having to watch the clock. For many students, enjoying greater freedom is reason enough to look off campus for an apartment.

More Privacy

When you live in a dorm, you’ll be sharing a common bathroom and showers, and that can feel a little invasive for anyone who values their privacy. You’ll also have to share your living space with a roommate. Even if you take on a roommate in an off-campus apartment, you will still have your own bedroom, and you’ll have private use of the bathroom and shower.

Larger Living Quarters

When you rent University of Florida student housing, you’ll have a much larger living space. This will be comparable to any type of apartment that you can rent throughout the city. You’ll find that it’s easier to relax and express yourself when you have more space to stretch out.

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