Companies Claim “We Buy Houses” in Norfolk: Are They Credible?

You may see signage along the roads and on billboards that claim “we buy houses in Norfolk.” You may wonder if they are legitimate and how they can help you. These investment companies focus on providing cash offers for a variety of homes. It is important to research these companies, but yes, you can find companies that are legitimate and do what they promise.

Often people take a glance at these investors and think they are all the same, and it is common to believe that upon first glance. However, there are similarities and differences, and it’s up to you to find the right company with which to work.

How to Choose the Right Investor

When you talk to a professional investor that might buy your property, it is good to ask open-ended questions that will get honest answers.

For example, you could ask how they help their clients. Open-ended questions require more than a yes or no answer. They might tell you that they present a cash offer in 24 to 48 hours after assessing the house or that they don’t require any commissions or fees. Make sure you listen carefully to the answer and ask more questions if you aren’t sure.

Other questions to ask include what the investor does for the client, how the services work, and how to know that they will close when and how they say they will. You can usually visit their website to find helpful information and read their reviews as well. You can learn about how the process works, what steps are involved, and whether or not they offer short sales. You can request a cash offer on the website; however, legitimate companies will send a representative to assess the house before you get a written quote, so be prepared to make an appointment.

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