Small Law Firm in Daytona Beach Tackles Essential Real Estate Issues

Selling or managing real property and the issues associated with it require competent legal representation. A good place to start is with an experienced real estate law firm in Daytona Beach with a concentration in real estate.


Such a law firm represents residential communities of single and multifamily homes, title companies, businesses, commercial and residential landlords and tenants as well as developers and contractors.

Areas of Concentration

The transactions a real property law firm deals with include contract and deed preparation, purchases and acquisitions, leases, management, and distressed property. As for litigation, it handles issues such as landlord and tenant disputes, property ownership, mortgage and lien foreclosures, title issues, mediation, and arbitration, partitions. Add to these topics, navigating the first steps to putting your stamp on a property: financing, leasing, usage, transfer, and development.

Rather than choosing a medium- or large-size real estate law firm in Daytona Beach, consider selecting a smaller one that offers you notable advantages. A law firm of that size, which is sometimes called a boutique law firm, specializes in just a few legal categories.

Attorneys who work working for these firms offer you a lot of expertise too. Furthermore, they foster the building of strong working relationships between themselves and you. When you are ready for expert legal advice on real estate issues, contact Kistemaker Business Law Group LLC at

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