Escaping a Possible Foreclosure by Selling Your Home for Cash First

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Real Estate

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Despite your best attempts to stay current on your mortgage, you may fall behind on the payments and not be able to catch up. Once you begin defaulting on your home loan, it is just a matter of time before the lender moves to foreclose on it. This can be a stressful situation not just emotionally, but financially, too.

Having your home repossessed by your mortgage holder can have a devastating impact on your credit score. Rather than have your credit suffer and watch your home be taken from you, you could sell it for cash upfront to a buyer who specializes in buying Atlanta foreclosure properties.

Quick Cash for the Sale

When you are behind on your mortgage, you may not have the time or inclination to list your home for sale through traditional means. A real estate agent can charge expensive commissions and fees just for listing your home for sale. The money you get out of the sale has to pay for your real estate agent first before you can use it to pay for the remainder of the mortgage balance.

When you sell it to a cash buyer for Atlanta foreclosure homes, you get money upfront without any proverbial strings attached. The buyer will pay you close to or exactly for the home’s current value. You can take that cash and use it to pay off what you owe to the mortgage lender to avoid a hit on your credit.

A Quick and Easy Transaction

Unlike listing your home for sale through a real estate agent, selling your home to a direct buyer can be faster and easier. The buyer will do a walk-through and inspect the home. He or she will then make an offer and close the transaction in a matter of days if you agree, avoiding a long process such as waiting for closing.

You can find out more about selling your home for cash online. Contact ATLFairOffer at to get more details today.

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