Cottage Rentals: Summer Pleasures in Norfolk

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Real Estate

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Cottage rentals in Norfolk are always in high demand. Travelers long to spend their summers on the beach, swimming, kayaking, fishing or lounging under a beach umbrella. There is nothing better than escaping for a weekend or longer to recuperate and relax listening to the water lap at the shore and watching the sun go down.

Summer Pleasures

Water defines Norfolk. It may not surround the city, but it does have a major impact. The city attracts tourists interested in a variety of things. It is true cottage rentals focus on those who have come to visit and enjoy the city’s beaches many lying within the Ocean View neighborhood. However, the city also provides several other attractions to entice those interested in the region, its history, marine life and related aspects.

They include:

Battleship and Museum: A tour of the U.S.S. Wisconsin docked at Nauticus – an interactive maritime discovery center

The Mariners’ Museum and Park: A repository of the most extensive maritime collections in the world

The Chrysler Museum of Art: Glass and art exhibitions, interactive spaces for children and free admission

The Norfolk Botanical Garden: Virginia’s largest garden

The Virginia Zoological Park: Has over 700 mammals, reptiles and aquatic life

Walk along the banks of the Elizabeth River. Shop and dine in the revitalized Waterfront District.

Cottage Rentals

In Norfolk, renting a cottage can lead to so much more than solitary living. It can open the entire community and its environs for exploration. These are all parts of summer pleasures.

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