Amenities Associated with Student Housing in Western Washington

by | Jun 11, 2021 | Student Housing Center

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One of the reasons why young people feel hesitant to choose student housing over a dorm is because they worry that they will miss out on the action that is associated with life on campus. However, those who choose Western Washington University student housing often feel that they have an even better experience than those living on campus.

There are so many places to hang out within the complex of Western Washington University student housing. All those who live in the building are students going to the university. You will see each other and spend time together working out at the gym, having a cup of coffee, or shooting pool in the lounge. Or you may see them when you are hanging out in the hammock grove. There are so many amenities that will make your life comfortable and that will provide options for recreation within student housing complex. You can also expect a meditation room, fire pits, gaming tables, sand volleyball, and business centers.

Something that many appreciate is the events that are planned for those who live within the community. They can enjoy events planned by management and invite their friends. Many also appreciate the fact that there are pet-friendly apartments available within the complex. They don’t have to say goodbye to their furry friend when going to school.

See how you can enjoy life at Lark Bellingham by learning about all the amenities that have been designed with Western Washington University students in mind by visiting this website.

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