Affordable Senior Housing Apartments for Rent in Chesapeake

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Real Estate

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Senior rental communities are more affordable than other senior housing options. Senior housing apartments for rent in Chesapeake offer the elderly a safe community where members can interact with others their own age.


Senior rental communities such as The Arbors at Western Branch offer a variety of services to help your elderly loved ones in their everyday life.

Does your loved one forget to take their medicine on time? Does your loved one need help recovering after a surgery or physical assistance getting in and out of the shower? Senior rental communities have caregivers on site that can assist to help make members feel more independent without risking their safety. In-home support assists with meal prep, errands, and hygiene routines.


As with regular rental communities, Senior Housing Apartments For Rent In Chesapeake require rental deposits from their residents and a lease. The community fee may or may not be refundable if your loved one chooses to move. Before signing a lease, it is important to read the terms and conditions.

Assisted Living Facility

In some rental communities, they have apartments and an assisted living facility in close proximity. As your loved one ages, their physical or mental needs may require assisted living.

As a result, they can easily transfer from their apartment setting into the care facility. The staff will already know them and their needs, making the transition less shocking. Assisted living facilities have more advanced medical staff than in-home supports.

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